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  1. Perpetua Lee says:

    Dear all, this is Miss. Lee 🙂 I would like to invite all graduated ringers to form the alumni TCN handbell team, please feel free to contact me!

  2. Ina Sinn says:

    To all ringers,
    Here is a very useful and good forum for those who love handbells and music. Let’s share and enjoy enchanting handbell music!

  3. Tinni says:

    Great Job! You are such a good teacher! I am so proud to be your friend!

  4. emily chan man wai says:

    i love the page

  5. yammy chow says:

    dear miss lee and miss sinn ,
    this is a nice page for all of us to know about hand bell. i love it very much!!!
    this website let me remember all the happy memories
    thank you for making this website attentively .It’s so good…..
    i hope they can have a good time in playing this musical instruments
    i am very honored to learn this musical instruments.
    thank you so much for your teaching!!!=]
    best wishes
    chow hau yan

  6. Ina Sinn says:

    Good luck to all ringers and ex ringers, keep your devotion to your music learning. Music is our companion in life. Make your music dreams come true!

  7. Ms Kwok Mui Han says:

    Thank you very much for the contribution of Ms Sinn and Ms Lee. The information of the website is wonderful. I hope we can make use of this platfrom to share and enjoy our music!

  8. Ina Sinn says:

    Thank you Ms Kwok for giving us courageous support to TCN Hand chime and Hand bell teams.
    To all student ringers and singers, our music journey is gonna begin next week! Let’s work hard and share our joyful music to others!

    Hook On Music🎶

  9. Perpetua Lee says:

    Thank you for Ms Kwok’s support! I am looking forward to experience music with all little ringers and singers, let’s workhard and enjoy music!

    Thanks God for bringing music into our life!

  10. 陳文慧 says:


  11. Miss Lo Mei Yan says:

    As a member of TCN, I am very proud of our music department!

  12. Ms Kwok Mui Han says:

    Can I take some beautiful pictures with all the ringers during your first lesson? Looking forward to enjoy your music!

  13. Ina Sinn says:

    Lovely photo shoot of all ringers this year! Thanks Miss Choy for your kindly help!

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Miss, Choi, thank you very much! The ringers look adorable!

      • Miss Tin Tin says:

        Support! Keep it up!
        I love all the shows at TCN. I appreciate all little performers, don’t underestimate their passion. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Perpetua Lee says:

        Thank you Miss Tin! There are many talented students in S. K. H Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School, I appreciate their patience and passion towards Music too 🙂

  14. Kristy Pang Ying Suet says:

    I miss the days playing handbells and handchimes with you guys T^T !!

  15. Ms Kwok says:

    Hey, my dearest teachers and students, I’m really proud of all the performers in TCN. All of you have done a great job! Let’s go ahead and enjoy our music life! It will be wonderful !! Let’s thank all the teachers for your great effort!

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Dear Ms Kwok, thank you for your kindly support. I appreciate the learning attitudes of all little musicians too, they are willing to learn, and pay 200% effort to enhance their musicianship. It’s my pleasure to enjoy music with all of you.

  16. Mr. 開心果 says:

    Bravo!!! All ringers are adorable, lovely and charming. Hope to see more great performances…:) but it seems like something are missing……there should be a 開心果…..:) xd 我相信係不遠嘅future, his face will appear………….

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Dear Mr Happiness, I am glad you are one of our lovely ringer. We have so much fun to play different handbell music with you, you are energetic.

      Looking forward to our performance in the graduation show this year, let’s play good music together!

  17. Miss Sinn says:

    Congratulations to all TCN ringers! Proud of you and we have made a record today! Keep your passion to be a brilliant music maker!

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Yeah! We rock The Nutcracker 🙂

      I am so proud with all of you.

      Let’s continue to enjoy and experience music together! 2014 Anniversary concert will be our next musical goal.

      • Ms Kwok Mui Han says:

        My dearest teachers and ringers,

        Everybody in this team has done a great job. I’m so proud of you all! Thank God for giving me such a great team! !Let’s celebrate and continue to enjoy your music.

        Ms Kwok

      • Perpetua Lee says:

        Dearest Ms Kwok,

        Thanks for the support all the time!

        Music brings us together. Let’s follow God’s plan and continue to play good music.

    • Emily Chan Man Wai says:


  18. Emily Chan Man Wai says:

    Happy to get champion !!!!! Yeah

  19. Miss Sinn says:

    To all ringers and new ringers,

    Nice to share our update of TCN bell, chime team and our bell alumni.

    Thanks for Miss Lee’s updating.

    And welcome to all little new ringers. Welcome to all and let’s start our coming up anniversary concert rehearsals in summer!

    Ring our music and happiness!

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Miss Sinn,

      This is surely a platform to share music people. I hope both handbell and handchime team, and the alumni handbell team will enjoy concert 2014.

      Challenging but awesome music production 🙂

  20. I am so proud of all of the TCN students and teachers who work so hard and so happily to produce such wonderful music. I love listening! For the past week I have been listening to your music while I work at my desk. I enjoy sharing it with others, too. When I go down to New Zealand next month, I am going to play your music to all of our friends down there. You have given me a lot of pleasure while I have been teaching at TCN. Thank you!
    P.S. Miss Sinn, are there any recordings of the choirs?

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Mrs. Morgan, thanks for your kindly support all the time. It’s our pleasure to share music with you in TCN, you are one of our honorable audience. Moreover, thanks for sharing handbell music with friends overseas, this is certainly a platform to have cultural exchange, I hope your friends will enjoy it. Wish you all the best in New Zealand, keep in touch 🙂

  21. Ina Sinn says:

    Sure! Mrs Morgan. I’m gonna give u soon!
    But the coming concert next yr will be much more brilliant and fantastic!!

  22. Kathleen Wissinger says:

    I just saw your recording of With All My Heart. Beautifully done!

    • Perpetua Lee says:

      Thank you for your apprecipation, Kathleen. I am sure my students will be glad with that. The melody is lyrical and beautiful, with the dynamic change, these build up tension in the music.

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