2014 – 2015


Performance of “Take Five”

The TCN Handbell Team performed Take Five in the graduation show, combining with the electronic piano, cymbal and violin, texture of the music is thick and more diverse. As the music director, I deeply appreciate effort of the TCN Handbell Team.


Recording of “Mirror”

TCN handbell quintet is first established in 2014, they are elite members from the handbell team. “Mirror” is a beautiful piece, it requires precise techniques, good sense in tone color and contrasting dynamics. The VCD of “Mirror” will be presented in the A Cappella album, looking forward to the release of the album in April 2015. 


 CYC performance in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium

by the TCN Handbell Team



TCN Handbell Quintet 

Twinky Lo, Candy Chan, Miriam Kan, Jessica Koo, Yoshi Lo, Lucas Lee (Percussionist)

First performance of “Mirror” in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on 5 February 2015

IMG-20150521-WA0017Champion of the 10th Hong Kong Handbell Festival (Handbell Team)

  IMG-20150521-WA0032IMG-20150521-WA0027 IMG-20150521-WA0021Snap shots of the TCN Handbell Team

IMG-20150520-WA0006Merit of the 10th Hong Kong Handbell Festival

(Handchime Team)