S.K.H. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School Senior Handbell and Junior Handchime Team

The handchime team was set up in 2002, and there are about forty ringers from Primary 3 to Primary 6 students now. We aim at developing a good team spirit, and every ringer learns to be patient and be willing to listen to others. Such traits are valuable in the personal development of youngsters.

In 2009, we expanded into junior and senior handchime teams. The ringers have gained experiences through competitions and performances.

In 2010, Rainbow Handbells (Harmony Bells) were implemented into the school’s formal curriculum. This allows students to get in touch with the handbells, and they show much interest in the new instrument. This enhances the learning effectiveness in the music classroom.

In 2011, the handbell team was established. Students learn a variety of handbell techniques, different musical styles and encounter music crossover.

In 2012, the handbell alumni team was established. This provides opportunities for graduated students to experience music, and to play advanced handbell music.

Both handchime and handbell teams are active players in concerts and competitions. In 2014, the senior handbell team won the champion in the 9th Hong Kong Handbell Festival and the handchime team won Golden Level. Their outstanding performance showcases the courage and enjoyment of all ringers.










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